What Makes A Composite Door Special?

Composite doors are the latest addition to the door industry, and have been designed with the flaws of previous doors in mind. Because of this composite doors have been designed to phase out old flaws and create a whole new standard of door. prod3 Composite doors are made from synthetic material that has the look and feel of a wooden door. These doors are made from solid resin that helps make them strong and durable. The doors have a reinforced outer layer that gives them the look of a grain finish. The outer layer also provides strength to the door and it cannot be opened by force. Unlike wooden doors they do not twist, warp or crack and will remain reliable for years on end. Even if you put in 100% of your effort in the maintenance of a wooden door, it is bound to become weak at some point over time.   Our composite doors feature a coloured skin, including white. They don’t need painting or varnishing as they do not fade with time. At the very most if it starts to look a little bit dirty a damp cloth will do the trick. Although there is a price difference between wooden doors and composite doors, in the long run composite doors are a lot less maintenance, stronger and a lot more weather resistant. There’s also the option of fire proof composite doors. All of our composite doors have a white interior finish as standard, to ensure a light and airy feel to the inside of your hallway.  If, however, you require the inside to be the same colour as the outside this is also an option. So if you wish to enquire about a new composite door to lighten your home then please do not hesitate to ask.